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Genuine beauty starts from inside of our body. "Beautiful skin" is highly attributed to our foods.


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The rare and precious bird's nests are traditionally regarded as effective supplement for beautiful skin. Many people consume bird’s nests for the following reasons:

  1. 1.Improve skin condition;

  2. 2.Improve hair and nails condition; and

  3. 3.Recover from fatigue.

For centuries, bird's nests have been consumed as sacred medicine of perpetual youth and longevity in Asia, where it is well known that bird's nests promote skin cell regeneration.

Sialic Acid.

Some scientists claim that bird's nest contains extremely high volume of sialic acid sugar chain. Sialic acid sugar chain, which exists on the surface of the skin, regulates the biological functions of sugar protein, Glycolipid and MPS complex. Sialic acid sugar chain stimulates the activation of cells.

Mucin-type Glycoprotein.

Another ingredient abundantly present in bird's nest is Mucin-type glycoprotein. Mucin-type glycoprotein helps protect the surface of cells and the mucosal surface of the gastrointestinal tract against digestive enzyme.