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Benevolence Food Products, LLC was founded in 2010, in Los Angeles, California. Benevolence Food Products, LLC is an international health food company specializing in top-quality organic white swiftlet bird’s nests. In line with the company philosophy: “Better Nest - Better Health - Better You”, we are committed to the highest standards of top-quality organic bird’s nest.

Los Angeles, California * 1 (855) 422-6378

We've always believed in better bird's nests that are responsibly grown, ethically traded and proudly served. We distribute only the very best all-natural bird's nests, to serve friends, neighbors, anyone who drops by. These amazing nests are the kind of nest that inspired us to open our doors in 2010, and what we've loved sharing everyday since.

We start by selecting the best quality products. That means selecting nests with clean and clear fibers, without defects and very few feathers. Our 100% natural bird’s nests represent of the best Indonesia has to offer.

Benevolence Food Products, LLC’s operation covers production and distribution of organic, top-quality, non-additive white swiftlet bird’s nests.  It supplies customers (i.e., such as chain drug stores, supermarkets, traditional Chinese medicine shops, convenience stores and health centers) throughout the United States and Canada.